Giants Raise High Expectations for 2012

Randy Shawbyline‚ Apr. 06‚ 2012

From ESPN to the New York Times to Sports Illustrated, the baseball world is all predicting that the San Francisco Giants make the playoffs in 2012. Many have them losing to the Angels in the World Series (a repeat of 2002), or losing to the Marlins in the prior round. While many discounted the Giants chances in 2011 despite their 2010 World Series victory, it seems that the combination of new bats and the return of Buster Posey has made believers of former skeptics. The Giants’ success could hinge on Brandon Belt, who may finally be primed to live up to his billing as a future All-Star. Barry Zito’s season holds no such suspense; after a terrible spring Zito either leaves the roster by midseason through injury or is finally cut loose.