With Less than a Week Left, Obama Still MIA in Wisconsin

Paul Hogarthbyline‚ May. 31‚ 2012

If the polls are any indication, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker – the Republican who annihilated workers’ rights and equal pay for women – will narrowly survive a recall attempt on June 5th. It is unbelievably tragic, and did not have to be this way. Walker has benefited from a mass influx of right-wing Super-PAC’s who clearly see his survival as a “make-or-break” moment, while President Obama and the Democratic National Committee have been frustratingly quiet in this battle. But for those who have followed the President on this issue, it is not surprising. Despite efforts by major unions to bring him to Wisconsin during last year’s legislative battle, Obama refused to get involved – leaving unions to fend for themselves. The President is notoriously risk-adverse, but his bold leadership on gay marriage proves that he can move public opinion when it matters – and right now, it’s needed more than ever. But with fellow Democrats like Cory Booker, Deval Patrick, Mark Warner & Ed Rendell all attacking him for making an issue out of Mitt Romney’s vulture capitalism, I’m not optimistic anything will change in the final week.