Netroots Nation 2012: Where I Got My Hope Back

2012/mesherrodbrown.jpgbyline‚ Jun. 11‚ 2012

From June 6 to June 10, I attended my sixth Netroots Nation in Providence, Rhode Island – an annual gathering of the liberal blogosphere with dozens of workshops, panel discussion and appearances by various politicians. With Republicans running Congress, the President having angered much of the Left, and Governor Scott Walker surviving last week’s Wisconsin recall, it could have been really depressing. Instead, meeting up with engaged progressives who are making real change online and offline has invigorated me. I learned more about why we lost Wisconsin, but also how labor scored a victory in Ohio. Marriage equality will be on the ballot in four states this November, and with coordinated efforts we can finally end our losing streak. Celebrity appearances were far less glitzy than prior conventions (when presidential candidates came), but we met with our allies who really matter – like Elizabeth Warren, Van Jones & Senator Sherrod Brown. It was a contrast from last year’s convention – when the netroots “broke up” with Barack Obama.