New USDA School Lunch Rules Limit Even Healthy Choices

Dana Woldowbyline‚ Aug. 07‚ 2012

All news from London this week seems to have an Olympics connection, but London makes me think of food. Specifically, I think of two chains of soup-salad-and-sandwich takeaway shops which set a high bar for providing quick, healthy and reasonably priced meals. Frequent meals from these shops on a recent London visit got me thinking - could this be a new model for school lunch?

The two chains are Pret A Manger and EAT. Their shops, which are plentiful in London, carry a large variety of choices for breakfast, lunch and quick light dinners. The food at both chains is addictively fresh and delicious. A school lunch menu wouldn’t have to offer the same large variety; the key is the freshness of the ingredients. Still, the soup-salad-sandwich model could provide a much greater degree of choice than students currently have, especially at elementary schools.