Don't rush to judgment on new school lunch rules

Dana Woldowbyline‚ Sep. 17‚ 2012

The new school year has been underway for just a few weeks, but it is never too early for some people to try to pass judgment on the new school lunch regulations. Almost before students had taken their first bite of the sweet potato, kiwi or collard greens now showing up on school lunch trays as a result of the Healthy Hunger Free Schools Act, folks were declaring the new rules a win - or a loss - for student health. Parents in rural New York are already gathering signatures for a petition to be sent to the state objecting to the new rules, while The California Endowment, a private health foundation, has created a series of ads in English and Spanish promoting the message that "healthier meals mean healthier kids." But buried deep in the last paragraph of an Associated Press article was the best synopsis of the situation; it concluded that "just weeks into the school year, it's probably too early for final grades."