Voters Give Obama Four More Years

Randy Shawbyline‚ Nov. 07‚ 2012

Backed by a nationwide call to voters at polling places to "Stay in Line," President Barack Obama won a sweeping re-election victory last night. Obama's smashing victory represents a powerful rejection of Republican policies, confirming that the GOP's success in 2010 was a product of low voter turnout rather than a rejection of Obama's first two years. Obama won the “swing” states of Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, Virginia, Nevada and Florida, riding a wave of Latino support to victory in these latter four states. President Obama worked his heart out in the past several months of this long campaign, yet questions remain whether he will bring his populist ardor and fighting spirit from the campaign trail into his second term. Obama may have given a hint of his future direction in his closing Iowa speech on the eve of Election Day. In perhaps the most populist speech he has ever given as president, Obama said he could not accept "bipartisanship" if that meant “surrender” of core Democratic values. That’s Obama acknowledging a common progressive criticism of his presidency, a very positive sign. The big picture is that President Obama has been given a second chance to become a true fighter for the poor, working and middle-class, and this time the progressive base must keep the president on track.