Voters Begin Restoring California Dream

Randy Shawbyline‚ Nov. 07‚ 2012

California voters began restoring the state’s fiscal health last night as they approved Props 30, 36 and 39. Prop 30 was the most critical state ballot measure, as it pulls California back from the fiscal cliff by raising $6 billion in annual new revenue. This money will protect public schools from steep budget cuts, halt further college tuition hikes in the near future, and prevent the nearly decade long spiral of reductions in state services. Prop 30's 54%-46% victory was helped by right-wing interests placing Prop 32 on the ballot. Organized labor mounted a massive No on 32 field, mail, and media advertising campaign that was joined with Yes on 30 in many campaign pieces. Although Prop 32 was fated for defeat for some time, the No on 32 blitz never relented, and its voter outreach efforts helped pull Prop 30 over the finish line. Prop 34, which would have abolished the death penalty, trails 52%-48% with 94% of votes counted and appears headed for defeat.