DAILY TATTLER Dateline 2012 HEADLINERS: Carly Ozard (courtesy photo) – Jim Caruso – Carmelina (42nd Street Moon)

Buzzin' Lee Hartgravebyline‚ Nov. 09‚ 2012


OZARD is on Top of the ‘Hit-O-Meter’. In fact, her show is so good she broke the Meter. Here’s the deal. This musical is not “All About Eve” – well not entirely. But what gets really interesting is when Carly gets on “The Streetcar Named Desire” – and literally bumps into John Waters. Oh my, but I do kid.

Not only does Ozard knock songs out of the lovely Rrazz Room, she also takes us down a surprising evening of dark and light humor. Oh, what a romp. She touches on everything – Gay love, straights, transgenders and everything in-between. Well, maybe NOT everything. OZARD was recently at the Rrazz room – and the applause was deafening. Even that little Pink Man in another paper got a twinge between his legs. And he was sitting right next to me. Naughty boy.