How Farm Bill Cuts Impact School Lunches

Dana Woldow byline‚ Nov. 13‚ 2012

The election is over, Prop 30 has passed and the immediate threat to education funding in California has abated, but school nutrition programs could still take a hit, both here and across the country. Those interested in school food reform should stay focused on the reauthorization of the Farm Bill (the most recent version of which is the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008) because both the bill itself, and the timing of when Congress gets back to dealing with it, contain some potential bombshells for student nutrition.

Itís bad enough that Congress seems determined to throw hundreds of thousands of poor kids out of the free school lunch program, forcing schools to choose between letting those kids go hungry, or using scarce education dollars to feed them. Will they really continue to squabble over the Farm Bill while the country operates under post World War II agricultural policy, and consumer milk prices double overnight?