Corporate Media Lose Their Favorite 'Warrior Scholar'

Peter Hartbyline‚ Nov. 14‚ 2012

There's no doubt that the sex scandal that prompted CIA director David Petraeus's sudden resignation late last week is a big story. New details–verified or not–seem to arrive almost by the hour.

But the reason it seems to have shaken so many media figures is because Petraeus was uniquely beloved by many in the corporate media, who considered him both an accessible source and a war hero.

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams called him (11/9/12) a "a man of such sterling reputation," and confided on the air to one guest that "it is impossible to be a member of the military establishment, it's impossible to be a journalist who has covered these wars going back 10 years and not know Dave Petraeus, as you and I both do–soldier, scholar, Princeton PhD."