What to See, Hear, Read, Watch and Eat MOVIE: BROOKLYN CASTLE

Buzzin' Lee Hartgravebyline‚ Nov. 16‚ 2012

This movie is about young people and all about having very little money and extracurricular activities that are essential to a teaching principal called “The whole child.” One way to open the door is for kids is to come up with a program like a chess team. For kids, chess is more than a game – it is where they can transcend from reality and become kings and queens themselves. Learning Chess makes dreams come true for children that don’t have a lot of money. They are determined to master the world’s most difficult game. If they can manage that – imagine what other mountains they can climb. The movie is Directed and produced by Katie Dellamaggiore in her feature film directorial debut. It’s a little monotonous – but the documentary keeps you in your seat.