San Francisco’s New Political Line-Up: What to Expect in 2013

Randy Shawbyline‚ Nov. 19‚ 2012

With Norman Yee’s victory in the D7 Supervisor’s race, the new Board line-up for 2013 is in place. Many believe that “progressives” have lost their longtime Board majority with London Breed’s replacement of Christina Olague in D5. But the frequently used “progressive” vs. “moderate” labels have become far more ambiguous in San Francisco. Such contentious issues as 8 Washington and the Mid-Market tax exemption passed 8-3, and the only major 6-5 vote in the past two years was on Parkmerced--- and progressives lost. A new Board President will add to the city's more unified political terrain, with an outsider candidate the potential winner. Meanwhile, Mayor Ed Lee, whose pledge of political cooperation with the Board has paid great dividends, will continue to be described as a “moderate” while primarily pursuing progressive policies.