Full Time Work Disappearing in California

Michael Bernickbyline‚ Nov. 19‚ 2012

Earlier this month when the national unemployment numbers were announced, most of the California media put forward an upbeat narrative of continued job recovery, noting the national unemployment rate number (7.9%, still below 8%) or the payroll jobs number (gain of 171,000 jobs). At KPIX-CBS, Channel 5 in the Bay Area, Ms. Sandra Lee, the assignment editor, focused instead on one of the key dynamics behind these numbers, the increase in part time work. The brief segment below is worth watching alone for the strength of the main job seeker, Ms. Karen Jones, 52. Ms. Jones does not complain that she has sent out over one hundred resumes, and received few acknowledgements, to say nothing of interviews. She is upbeat about starting a part-time job at the Converse store in a new Livermore mall. One of the untold stories of the Great Recession is the resilience of the California workforce.