‘Girls Love Math. We Never Stop Doing It.’

CARINA CHOCANObyline‚ Nov. 20‚ 2012

I live in Los Angeles, where despite my best efforts, I occasionally hear a story like this: A friend knows an actress whose burglar alarm code — 2828 — serves as a reminder to her of the age she must never surpass. (The repetition adds a touch of hysteria, which I like.) Another friend lives next door to a model-actress who, in her late 20s, is considered to be so far out on the ledge of her prime that she was recently cast opposite a 40-something man as the mother of two teenage children. While the age distribution represented is biologically feasible (it’s possible that a woman could have her first child, with a 30-year-old husband, at age 12), child marriage is generally frowned upon even in California.