Blame Politicians for Homelessness and Hunger in U.S.

Randy Shawbyline‚ Nov. 26‚ 2012

Each year, from Thanksgiving to Christmas the media details homelessness and hunger in the United States. We hear of people forced into shelters due to illness, tragic accidents and other unforeseen life events, with requests for donations sought to help these victims of hard luck. But for all their good intentions, these stories omit any connection between the homeless individuals described and politicians opposing spending federal money to build low-cost housing and reduce homelessness. The same holds true on the stories this season about hunger: long lines for free food are divorced from Republican efforts to cut food stamps, and the Party’s unanimous opposition to raising the federal minimum wage. While the media’s highlighting “the unfortunate” during the holiday season raises vital private donations to help their needs, letting the politicians responsible off the hook perpetuates the crisis.