Obama and Grassroots Activists, Take Two

Randy Shawbyline‚ Nov. 27‚ 2012

President Obama’s decision to harness his grassroots activist supporters to pass his 2012 campaign agenda reverses one of his worst mistakes. Recall that after tens of thousands of young people mobilized millions of Obama voters to the polls in the November 2008 elections, the newly-elected President discarded them like day old newspapers. His vaunted grassroots campaign became a small-scale operation that was no match for his agenda's powerful opponents. Now, in another signal that Obama may put his supporters’ needs ahead of failed “bipartisanship,” the president hopes to mobilize his base around the tax deal, immigration reform, and other issues requiring massive grassroots participation. While some are concerned that activists will be co-opted by this effort, progressives' have a stronger hand when they confront Obama with a mobilized base. {more}