Fresh school lunch comes to SFUSD

Dana Woldowbyline‚ Dec. 03‚ 2012

In the future, we may look back on December 21st, 2012, as the day everything changed for school meals in San Francisco. On that Friday, which marks the end of the first semester of the current school year, students in the San Francisco Unified School District may eat their last frozen, reheated school lunch. When school resumes in January, all students should be able to enjoy a freshly prepared school meal for the first time in modern memory.

On December 11th, a new meal contract is slated to come before the Board of Education, and when the Board approves it, school food will go from being mostly frozen meals prepared thousands of miles away, to being freshly cooked locally no more than 24 hours before delivery. While there have been many other positive changes to San Francisco school meals over the past few years, the move from frozen meals to fresh represents an enormous accomplishment for SFUSD Student Nutrition Services (SNS), one which was many years in the making, and which addresses the most commonly heard complaint from students, parents, and teachers.