GOP Paranoid Politics Defeats Disability Treaty in Senate, 61 - 38

Lainey Feingoldbyline‚ Dec. 05‚ 2012

Senator Kerry was eloquent. 89-year old Bob Dole emailed from Walter Reed hospital and made it to the Senate floor to urge a yes vote. Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng wrote a supporting letter. Veterans, disability and civil rights group lobbied, tweeted, and organized. But it wasn’t enough. On December 4, at 9:29 a.m., thirty eight Republican Senators voted against the United Nations Convention of the Rights of People with Disabilities (#CRPD). That's all it took to deprive the majority of the 2/3 vote needed to ratify a basic human rights treaty already approved by over 120 countries around the world. Yesterday at 9:29 a.m. human rights lost. The victors, to quote the New York Times, were "purveyors of paranoid politics."