HEADLINES ‘Starlet” – “North Star Texas” (movies) – “Slugs and Kicks” and “Pal Joey” – Live Theatre

Buzzin' Lee Hartgravebyline‚ Dec. 07‚ 2012

FIRST OFF – LETS START WITH THIS: “Starlet” is not what you might think – it’s a cute little doggie. That’s who the Star really is.

The beginning of the movie is rather boring story about drugged out girls who live together. Oh, and there is also a souped up guy – who plans to make some bucks off the girls. They are already connected with a big Daddy that puts the girls in Porno movies. Oh hum—it’s basically the same old thing.

But, like magic – one of the girl’s wrangles herself in an old ladies house. She hangs around the poor old soul – who is barely holding on to her house. But Lo and behold – they seem to be attracted to each other like magnets. Except for this- the Girl takes money away from the sweet old women. If it were not for the super acting – I would have left the Theater.