After 20 Years, San Franciscoís Prop H Has Saved Tenants Billion$

Randy Shawbyline‚ Dec. 10‚ 2012

Twenty years ago this week, something unprecedented happened in San Francisco: annual rent increases for tenants covered by rent control were cut more than half. Prop H on the November 1992 ballot stopped landlords from imposing guaranteed minimum 4% rent increases that were double or triple the inflation rate, and to this day is the single biggest factor enabling low-income rent controlled tenants to stay in San Francisco. Prop H followed a landslide tenant defeat in the November 1991 election, and its grassroots campaign overcame a 10-1 spending differential to become the city's first winning tenant ballot measure. Prop H also brought the biggest progressive redistribution of wealth from landlords to tenants in San Franciscoís, and likely the nationís, history. It offers an inspiring story of how activists can challenge seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve meaningful change.