School lunch dreams for 2013

2012/2013.jpgbyline‚ Dec. 11‚ 2012

Now that the San Francisco Unified School District has a plan to bring freshly prepared meals to all SFUSD students in the new year, what's left for a school food advocate to wish for? Here's what I'm dreaming of for 2013.

On the federal level:

The USDA would permanently eliminate portion size limits on protein and grains for school lunches.

Due to new USDA regulations, students across the country have been seeing less meat and bread on their lunch trays this year, and they don't like it. These limits on meat and grain, which have complicated the serving of meals to kids in ways that food service managers find unnecessarily frustrating, are the subject of a new guidance memo from the USDA which eases the rules. The maximum limits on portion size for grains and meats will be eliminated for the duration of the current school year. If my wish were granted, those maximums would be eliminated forever, meaning that perhaps someday my vision for a new style school lunch menu could become a reality.