Stop Talking About 2016!

Randy Shawbyline‚ Dec. 11‚ 2012

President Obama has not even been sworn in for his second term and the media is already focusing on the 2016 election. The Huffington Post claims Hillary Clinton enjoys “record popularity” and “wide support” for a 2016 candidacy. MSNBC reports on a poll showing that 57% of Democrats would back Clinton as the Party’s 2016 nominee. Longtime Clinton ally James Carville insists on a national talk show that “90%” of Democrats want Clinton to run, Newt Gingrich predicts on Meet the Press that Republicans could not beat Clinton in 2016, and the New York Times weighs in with a long front page story on what Clinton may do in the next few years to position herself for a 2016 run. Other than the “fiscal cliff” and isolated coverage of immigration reform, the nation’s media elite seem less interested in the President’s 2013 agenda than in speculating about his successor.