Tammy Hung and the Community Tenants Association: San Francisco Unsung Heroes

Randy Shawbyline‚ Dec. 12‚ 2012

Tammy Hung is little known to the general public, but she has likely shaped San Francisco politics in recent years as much as any non-politician. Hung is a community organizer. Her primary organizing role is with the Community Tenants Association (CTA), San Francisco largest and most active tenant membership organization. CTA offers a remarkable model for progressive social change groups, but its successes often go unreported in the English language press because nearly all of its members are monolingual Chinese-speaking. CTA recently worked for the passage of Prop C (the affordable housing trust fund), and helped D1 Supervisor Eric Mar secure Chinese-American votes in his re-election campaign. CTA routinely turns out the most supporters to City Hall in support of critical tenant protection measures. CTA and Hung work day in and day out to improve the lives of low-income San Franciscans, and itís time their story is told.