HEADLINERS: Franc D’Ambrosio and Bell Book and Candle – Book of Mormon

Buzzin' Lee Hartgravebyline‚ Dec. 14‚ 2012


Charming and Romantic

I know, you think that Witches live in a smelly cave where witches stoop over a Cauldron to make a mess of other people’s lives.

But we are wrong. This witch is charming and beguiling. And you would not ever believe that a witch lives in a sophisticated high style apartment. Yep, we are definitely in New York in the 50’s. The apartment wows you – there are some clever tricks going on all the time. The Witch casts a spell over a good-looking guy that happens to live in the same building. He works at a prominent N.Y. Office. The Witch finds out that a former snooty girlfriend of hers - is dating the handsome and sexy man. She’s not amused. The Witch’s revenge is on the way. Watch out for flying objects.