Dear Preferred Meal Systems: Please go away

Dana Woldowbyline‚ Dec. 17‚ 2012

Much has been made of the fact that Revolution Foods, which recently was declared the low bidder for SFUSD's new fresh school meals contract, is a local, Oakland-based company, while the current contract holder, Preferred Meal System Inc., is headquartered in Illinois. However, PMSI has a local connection too; its parent company Prepared Meal Holdings Inc., is part of the portfolio of companies owned by Swander Pace Capital, a private equity firm with offices at 100 Spear Street in downtown San Francisco. That's where Shawn Hecht, chairman of Prepared Meal Holdings Inc., and a managing director of Swander Pace, has his office. It is to Mr. Hecht, chairman of Preferred's parent company, that this open letter is addressed.