Michigan’s Attack on Unions Undermines Public Health

Adam Reichbyline‚ Dec. 17‚ 2012

In case you missed it, Michigan—the birthplace of the United Auto Workers—became last week the 24th state in the nation to pass “Right-to-Work” legislation. “Right-to-Work” is newspeak for union-busting, since under these laws a workplace cannot make the payment of union dues or fees a condition of employment. (Unions will still be required to represent all workers within a unionized bargaining unit, whether or not any individual worker contributes, so it’s more of a “Right-to-Freeload”). John Logan, in Beyond Chron, has outlined the poverty of the theory behind these sorts of laws. Michigan will not grow stronger economically. The only likely result is that unions in the state will grow weaker, and that fewer Michigan workers will be able to benefit from collective bargaining.