How San Franciscoís Transit Funders Starve the Tenderloin

Randy Shawbyline‚ Jan. 08‚ 2013

San Francisco prides itself on its progressive politics, but it has long financially starved the low-income Tenderloin neighborhood on street and safety improvements. While the city finds money for streetscape improvements on Divisadero, Upper Market, the Marina and other affluent neighborhoods, the city has not funded a single major Tenderloin pedestrian safety or streetscape improvement program in over thirty years. The Board enacted the Tenderloin-Little Saigon Neighborhood Transportation Plan in 2007, and still has not allocated funds for its completion. In contrast, the Divisadero Streetscape plan also conceived in 2007 received $5.5 million in funding and was finished in March 2010. And Divisadero is no anomaly; newly conceived upgrades in other neighborhoods routinely move forward while the Tenderloinís 2007 plan is bypassed. As the Board of Supervisors soon votes on Prop AA streetscape improvements, itís time for the needs of the Tenderloinís 4000 children and thousands of senior and disabled residents to stop being ignored.