Housing, Retail Could Replace Notorious San Francisco Post Office

Randy Shawbyline‚ Jan. 10‚ 2013

An eight story mixed use residential project is planned to replace the Post Office at 101 Hyde Street that has long been a haven for out of neighborhood drug dealers to do business. The proposed project, designed by Theodore Brown & Partners, will demolish the current single story, prison-like structure that has been a neighborhood eyesore since its prior use as a Bank of America. As I wrote last July, the Post Office has long been the leading haven for drug dealers in the Tenderloin. Its transformation into an 85-unit residential dwelling with over 6000 square feet of ground floor commercial space will turn a major negative into a huge positive, revitalizing a critical neighborhood corner. With the former KGO building set diagonally across the street set to begin renting in late June, the long struggle to reclaim Golden Gate Avenue in the Tenderloin is reaching success.