The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz

Glenn Greenwaldbyline‚ Jan. 14‚ 2013

(Editors Note: We share the sadness at activist Aaron Swartz's death as well as the anger at his federal prosecution. This is one of many fine account of his legacy.)

The internet freedom activist committed suicide on Friday at age 26, but his life was driven by courage and passion

Aaron Swartz, the computer programmer and internet freedom activist, committed suicide on Friday in New York at the age of 26. As the incredibly moving remembrances from his friends such as Cory Doctorow and Larry Lessig attest, he was unquestionably brilliant but also - like most everyone - a complex human being plagued by demons and flaws. For many reasons, I don't believe in whitewashing someone's life or beatifying them upon death. But, to me, much of Swartz's tragically short life was filled with acts that are genuinely and, in the most literal and noble sense, heroic. I think that's really worth thinking about today.