SF Chronicle & California Republicans: Facing Irrelevance

Paul Hogarthbyline‚ Jan. 15‚ 2013

In yesterday’s Beyond Chron, Randy Shaw described the SF Chronicle’s declining circulation as “akin to the Republican Party – disproportionately white, over 60 years of age, and not a leading target of advertisers.” Part of that problem has been Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci’s coverage of the state’s hapless GOP – which was on display in her Sunday story about “California politicians to watch” in 2013. Presented as a top-ten list, Marinucci picked five Democrats and five Republicans – although Democrats now have a super-majority in the legislature, and hold every statewide office. Democratic rising stars like Kamala Harris & John Perez are absent from her list, while Marinucci includes the Chair of San Francisco’s Republican Party and a Republican who just lost a race for Congress. As the state gets bluer, Marinucci and the Chronicle are focused on how to revive a state Republican Party that is getting more and more irrelevant every day.