Why the San Francisco 49ers Are Heading to the Super Bowl

Randy Shawbyline‚ Jan. 18‚ 2013

Prior to the season, I foresaw a 49ers-Broncos Super Bowl (very glad to be wrong about Denver). I appeared to be in the minority in believing that the 49ers would handily beat the Packers, which I saw coming after watching the Christian Ponder-led Vikings go up and down the field against the Packer defense in the seasonís final game (others focused on the Packers playoff win over the Vikes, when Ponder did not play). Now the 49ers face an Atlanta team whose last second heroics against Seattle are part of a pattern: virtually the same sequence of passes and end of game long field goal doomed my Bears a few years ago, and the Raiders this year. But if you saw Cal alum and Falcons superstar Tony Gonzalez crying with joy at the teamís win over Seattle, you know that the Falcons have already achieved their team goals for 2012-13. In contrast, the 49ers are still hungry, and will prevail. I see them facing the Baltimore Ravens, who in Ray Lewisí last year have become the rest of Americaís Team.