Tenants rally in front of landlord’s Naan “N” Curry restaurant to demand repairs

Ben Ngbyline‚ Jan. 18‚ 2013

A large group of angry tenants, families, and other community leaders of the Tenderloin held a loud protest in front of their landlord’s restaurant, Naan “N” Curry, to demand better living conditions for their apartment complex at 308 Turk Street. The two-story yellow building, better known as “308 Turk”, has become notorious for its housing code violations, as cited by the Department of Building Inspection (DBI). Though tenants of 308 Turk pay high rents for their apartments, the conditions in which they live in are anything but livable. Lack of heat, lack of security, mold, leaking pipes, broken windows, and rodent infested rooms are just some of the concerns tenants of 308 Turk are tired of facing.