MANIC PIXIE dream girl

Buzzin – Lee Hartgravebyline‚ Jan. 25‚ 2013

There is something that makes me think of Woody Allen. There is the kinky factor. Hey, I’m also kinky—so I fit right into this play. Not actually in it – but on the sidelines watching. There is also the creepy feeling that Rod Serling was floating around the room (see Serling’s (A World Of His Own) for the plot idea. Not exactly the same, but similar.

There is a real love story here. A young Artist meets a girl who just kinda finds her way into his apartment. You know right away that this is not completely normal. Yes, there is something very strange about her. Her moods run from sweet to neurotic. She is mostly emotionless – but then all of a sudden she snaps – and goes a little bit nuts. While actually – she is more than a little nuts.