Buzzin' Lee Hartgravebyline‚ Feb. 08‚ 2013

This is foul-mouthed comedy that runs faster than a high speed Train. Oh – and the word SPEED also gives (Veronica) a good dose of whatever she is sniffing or doing something to her arm. It’s called a needle. Jackie comes back to see Veronica. He’s been in Jail, and he is trying to get his Sh#t together. Not easy for Jackie. His temper is enormous. He is trying to get his life together. He has a sponsor (Ralph). Jackie goes from hot to fierce, all in a comedic way. My belly still hurts from all the laughs.

Jackie is suspicious of his Girlfriend Veronica. Jackie is uneasy, as he looks around the room. He asks Veronica – what is that Hat doing there. She tries to tell Jackie that he must of left it there. He denies that he left a Hat in their small one room Apartment. Yes, Jackie is ready to punch some one – and it even could be his girlfriend. Ouch! But wait – she’s about to do some more drugs. Add that to Jackie’s Temper and you’ve got a bomb just waiting to explode. Or at least a gun that Jackie carries.