An Apology for the Biggest Mistake of My Career as a Labor Reporter

Mike Elkbyline‚ Feb. 11‚ 2013

Recently, there has been a resurgence in vinyl records among my generation because of what some say is their superior sound quality. With MP3s, there is so much depth of sound and information lost. Much like vinyl records, I have come to appreciate the value of old-school, straight reporting. As with MP3s, a lot has been lost with the emergence of the "commentator-journalist" format.

I find myself fantasizing every day about going to work in the kind of newsrooms most of my colleagues on the Left hate. I dream about going up to the news desk and talking with my editors over what would be the most fair and specific word choice we could use. Unfortunately, I don't think that will ever become real, because of a grave sin I committed against journalism integrity when I was 24, before I even had the experience to comprehend why what I was doing was wrong.