Upset About San Francisco Parking? Get Free Parking on Lower Turk

Karin Druckerbyline‚ Feb. 13‚ 2013

Looking for free parking in San Francisco? Come to the first block of Turk street. At a time when San Francisco denies even the parking meters their Sunday day of rest, you can park on the lowest block of Turk with little fear of ticketing or towing. Cars and trucks appear in yellow zones early in the morning and stay all day. Antiquated (read: broken) meters always appear fed. Meanwhile, parking enforcement officers zoom straight past cars and trucks that have been chilling all day in yellow commercial zones. Why does city parking enforcement ignore the 0- 100 block of Turk St.? Thatís a great question that children and other residents forced to walk by the drug dealers owning and/or using these illegally parked vehicles as shields for illegal activity would like answered.