Minor infraction snares SFUSD in school meal misspending report

Dana Woldowbyline‚ Feb. 13‚ 2013

A recent report from the California Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes (SOOO) revealed that eight school districts statewide, including SFUSD, had violated federal regulations by spending money intended for school meal programs on other district expenses. SFUSD's infraction was so minor that the report provides no details. While Los Angeles Unified was charged with misspending $158 million in school meal funds, in SF the disputed amount was just $369,000, according to the SF Chronicle.

That sum represents charges made to the cafeteria fund to cover garbage collection and pest control for the entire school district; regulations allow for charging the cafeteria fund only for the portion of those expenses directly tied to cafeteria operations. SFUSD's accounting system was not previously set up to track and allocate what portion of trash and pest control was attributable to each school cafeteria, but corrections have been made, and the lump sum is no longer charged to the cafeteria fund.