Great Media Coverage for “Forward on Climate” and Keystone XL Protest

Jamie Henn byline‚ Feb. 21‚ 2013

(Editor’s Note: had a more positive take on media coverage of the February 17 Keystone protests than our own. Here’s their story).

Another great outcome from this weekend’s “Forward on Climate” rally in Washington, DC, was the tremendous amount of media attention it generated.

Civil Disobedience at the White House

The action started last Wednesday, when 48 movement leaders were arrested during a sit-in at the White House. The “papers of record” like the Washington Post and New York Times picked up the story, quoting participants like Sierra Club President Michael Brune and civil rights leader Julian Bond. Reuters, Politico, Fortune, NPR, the Associated Press, the Hill, the Examiner, and others also covered the rally.

At the same time, highly-trafficked gossip sites like, E Online, and People gasped at the site of teenage-hearthob (and Taylor Swift ex-boyfriend) Conor Kennedy getting arrested at the action.
"We aren't sure how Conor came to be involved," gushed Perez, "But we bet his great-uncle John F. Kennedy — a legendary American who once lived in the residence where the protest was staged — would be proud as peach pie to see a descendant risk his reputation for a cause he deemed worthy."