Local Author Captures Beauty of Sixth Street, Mid-Market

Paul Hogarthbyline‚ Jan. 15‚ 2009

I first met Mark Ellinger in 2002, when he lived in a residential hotel on Sixth Street. I invited him to join the Central City SRO Collaborative, where he proved himself an effective tenant activist. But it was Mark’s hobby as a photographer where he truly thrived, and for years his pictures of the neighborhood SRO’s have been displayed at various art exhibits – from Chris Daly’s Office at City Hall to the Tenderloin/North-of-Market Community Benefit District. Now, Mark has finished a three-volume book set of his photography called Up From the Deep – covering Sixth Street, Mid-Market and the Tenderloin. The first two volumes are now available for sale online, and the third will be released later this year. As the district’s historic designation sparks a renewed interest in the surrounding area, Up From the Deep offers a valuable contribution to denizens and visitors alike – told with deep appreciation from the perspective of a long-time resident.