Obama Continues Alienating Onetime Core Supporters

Randy Shawbyline‚ Nov. 22‚ 2011

As Republicans move toward nominating the electable Mitt Romney, disaffected Democrats are trying to generate enthusiasm for President Obama. But Obama is not making it easy. Last week, the President announced plans to send 2,500 troops to Australia – purportedly to “send a message” to China. He also renewed his call for a “grand bargain” to cut Medicare, Social Security, and domestic programs, and his administration told the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that veterans had no due process right to challenge the VA’s systemic failures to treat mental health injuries. It was also reported last week that Obama’s recent highly promoted new deportation policy, the one that supposedly would not deport non-criminals, is “unevenly applied.” Those expecting Obama to take actions to rally his base for 2012 will be disappointed; Obama still plans to focus on politically independent voters while using fear of a right-wing takeover to keep progressives in line.