Romney Stirs Up Democratic Base

Randy Shawbyline‚ Mar. 12‚ 2012

Mitt Romney bores Republicans, but he is galvanizing progressive support for President Obama. Romney’s attacks on immigrants, refusal to challenge Rush Limbaugh’s calling women sluts, and Dick Cheney-like rhetoric about waging war against Iran have bolstered the President among three key constituencies disappointed with his first term: Latinos, young people, and anti-war activists. Progressives long frustrated by Obama relish his denouncing Romney’s “bomb first, ask questions later” Iran policy, and appreciate his chiding the GOP frontrunner’s refusal to criticize Limbaugh. And despite Latino disappointment with Obama’s performance on immigration reform, Romney’s plan for “self-deportation” and backing of Arizona’s anti-Latino law as a “model for the nation” has given the President a 70%-14% lead among this crucial constituency.