School Beat: Pink Slips, Budgets and Retirements

Lisa Schiffbyline‚ Mar. 15‚ 2012

It’s been quite a hectic few days for public schools in San Francisco – and California in general. Pink slips to teachers have been sent per the legislated schedule. The two highest polling tax measures have joined forces into a new compromise measure. Lawmakers in Sacramento are reaffirming support for Transition Kindergarten. San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent Carlos Garcia announced that he will be retiring by the end of this school year. And, by Saturday, families will have received letters letting them know which schools their children have been assigned to for next year.

Starting with the horrific first, in what has become a familiar if macabre ritual, as reported by Board of Education member Rachel Norton, about 500 of our district’s educational staff members – teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals – will be receiving preliminary layoff notices in today’s mail.