by Rochelle Metcalfe , 2013-01-16

Many Black folks, in particular, will be traveling from all parts of the country to Washington, D.C. to rejoice, once again, The Inauguration of President Barack Obama, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Birthday Jan. 15), during this 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. President Obama will serve his last four years in the White House, referred by many as The BLACK House!

The ceremony promises to be grand! The last time Black folks will be able to celebrate this proud occasion. Who would’ve thought a black man would become president? Packaged with a beautiful family! Wish my ancestors could’ have lived to witness, what seemed impossible, seemingly God sent!

Pretty LONDON BREED, after a hard fought campaign, has finally arrived to City Hall! The newly-elected District 5 supervisor, born and raised in San Francisco - Plaza East project housing , within blocks of City Hall - Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place! The late physician, activist, publisher of the Sun Reporter Newspaper, would have been proud!

Her journey has not been easy! Raised in public housing, she knows the pain of crime, of lost - a sister to a drug overdose; her background is just what inner city dwellers need - someone who understands their plight! The fear. Predict she will be a dynamic supervisor! Her work in the community, leadership as executive director AAACC, stand as a first class building in the western addition! BLACK PRIDE!

The Historic, SPECIAL Inauguration of Breed, Sworn in by Attorney General KAMALA HARRIS, in the South Light Court, before an overwhelming crowd - standing room only. That in itself was impressive - Breed wanted her family members to attend, witness an amazing time in her life, not to be turned back at the chamber door during the noon inauguration of reelected and newly elected Supervisors.

During her stirring address, Breed, pretty in blue dress, high heels, acknowledged “The woman who made me” Comelia Brown , her grandmother, and gave Special thanks to her mentors - Attorney Kamala Harris and Mistress of Ceremonies Amelia Ashley Ward, Publisher, Sun Reporter Newspaper.

Definitely a WHO's WHO mix of all lifestyles - an especially proud day for the Black community. Among the guests - former Supervisor WILLIE B. KENNEDY - aimed my cell phone to capture Kennedy, posed proudly with Breed, Supervisor Malia Cohen (D-10) and Attorney General Harris.

Of course the TWO Mayors -- ED LEE and WILLIE BROWN, Jr., (noticed he intently listened to Breed’s acceptance speech where she set forth her goals (Breed made news when she publicly, through a news article, told Willie off , expressed she was ”Unbought and Unbossed” (link to my comments @www.beyondchron.org/news/index.php?itemid=10701 ). Remember the uproar when Brown did not support Breed’s candidacy, supported Supervisor Christina Olague, appointed by Mayor Lee. AH, POLITICS!

Later, when chatting with Brown, he signaled with his hand, the sign of the cross, stating I was christened, blessed - hmnn, wondered if that was good or bad???

Moving on...Breed was a member of the S.F. Redevelopment Board, two members beamed proudly - THE GODFATHER - LEROY KING (he looks great!), and Francee Covington, who worked on Breed’s campaign; DERF AND ANITA BUTLER; Breed’s minister, Rev. Amos Brown, Third Baptist Church; Rev. Arnold Townsend, Nichole Jordan, President of the AAACC Board, shared she and Breed have been friends for years - both were college mates; ...

During public comment in the supervisors chamber, community activist Ace Washington expressed he was proud of his good friend “QUEEN B”...I know he will be calling her office often! He suggested there’s now a black leadership base in San Francisco - a queen in the East and one in the South - Supervisor Cohen; anointed himself the CZAR of Out Migration (referring to the gentrification of the western addition - Black families forced to move); ...

Velma Landers - happy to see her former Pastor, Rev. J. Edgar Boyd, Bethel AME Church, until reassigned to a AME church in Los Angeles, (much scandal), flew up for the occasion; Melorra Green, of The African American Art and Cultural Complex - great write up on her and twin sister in recent S.F. Sunday Chronicle; Sun Reporter writer Gail Berkley, daughter of the late Tom Berkley; legendary Publisher, the Post Newspaper; Attorney Carl Williams, Alice Guidry, community activists Adrian Williams, Mattie Scott (healing for families organization); Lynette and Eugene White; Irene Williams Doss; Dr. Caesar Churchwell, Shelly Tatum, Hazel Davis, Carla Staples, of the Post Newspaper. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi shared he recently returned from vacationing in Venezuela with his family. Good to see him smiling a happy smile!


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