Will Masonic Street Improvements Leapfrog Over Tenderloin?

by , 2013-01-17

Last week, I described how transit planners starve the Tenderloin of its rightful share of streetscape improvement funds while rewarding more affluent neighborhoods. Now we learn that the SF County Transportation Authority Commission will vote in a few months to fund a boulevard project for Masonic Avenue that was enacted five years after the Tenderloin-Little Saigon Transportation Plan. I think the Masonic project is fantastic, but someone needs to explain why it deserves funding ahead of a Tenderloin project passed in 2007. In fact, the Board of Supervisors should hold a hearing so transit planners can tell Tenderloin residents why their community is consistently bypassed in funding allocations. Meanwhile, I was happy to read Aaron Bialick’s Streetsblog account of a “Calmer, Greener Bryant Street Near Cesar Chavez.” This work was part of the 2010 Mission Streetscape Plan, enacted three years after Tenderloin-Little Saigon. The Mission Plan’s implementation continues while no public funding to even begin the major phase of the Tenderloin plan is on the horizon.