by Buzzin' Lee Hartgrave, 2013-02-15

Playwright Patricia Loughrey conducted many interviews. Is this a play- or is it just a documentary? We all know about Harvey Milk and his achievements for the Gay community. After allóMilk did wakeup the enormous gap in the political world.

There have been many plays about Harvey Milk over the years. There was an extremely engrossing play (at Fort Mason) about his murder at City Hall. Iím sure that you all know about Dan White who lost his position at City Hall and how he shot Milk and Mayor George Moscone.

What we see on the NCTC stage is too dry. There is not great impact, although the actors did what they could. There are many tributes to Milk in the City - we all miss him, and it is very easy to find books and plays about Milk and his achievements. And of course there was the successful movie.

On the stage the actors talk ďATĒ the patrons in the Theatre. This kind of presentation is nothing more than looking at a Chess game (itís your move). Each person on the stage pops up with something to say Ė rarely do they talk to each other. Iím sorry to say Ė this is not a play Ė itís a dreary documentary.

Iím sure that Patricia Loughrey has tried to make this an exciting evening of Theatre Ė but that just didnít happen. Yes, Harvey had a vision of what Supervisors should do. And he was extremely good at getting what he wanted. However, hearing other people (who are younger) talk about those days just doesnít have ďtrue heart and passioní. Itís the excellent cast that labors on. They put everything into it. Here they are: Tierra Allen, David Bicha, Brian Patterson, Anna Smith, Courtney Walsh and Aaron Wimmer.

Directed by F. Allen Sawyer. Music by, Thomas Hodges. Playing thru Feb. 24 at The New Conservatory Theatre on Van Ness/Market.


The Photo of Lee Hartgrave Boy Reporter is by Jim Ferreira Ė Film Noir & Hollywood Glamour.



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